Dinner Buffet Menu

Fried Items

-Crabmeat Meatball
-Fried Chicken Wings
-Teriyaki Chicken( Chicken on stick)
-Boneless Spare Rib
-Fried Dumpling
-Chinese Donut
-Pork Egg Roll
-Spring Roll
-Sweet & Sour Chicken
-Fried Crab Rangoon
-Fried Baby Shrimp
-Fried Sweet Banana
-Buffalo Wings
-B.B.Q Spare Rib
-Great Taste Shrimp
-House Special Egg Roll

Cooked & Seafood Items

-String Bean
-Chicken w/ Mushroom
-General Tao's Chicken
-Chicken w/ Broccoli
-Sesame Chicken
-Pepper Steak w/ Onion
-Mexican Chicken
-Scallion Pork
-Szechuan squid
-Butter seafood
-Steamed Clams
or Baby Clams w/oyster sauce
-Mussel w/ Black Bean Sauce
-Beef w/ Broccoli
-Beef Pie
-Craw Fish(Please call if we have it)
-Salted & Pepper Shrimp
-Garlic Pepper Shrimp
-Crab Legs

Baked Items

-South American Chicken
-Crabmeat Clam
-Stuffed Shrimp
-Stuffed Mushroom
-Crabmeat cheese
-Garlic Bread
-Salmon Fish
-Bacon Shrimp(weekend only)

Kid Items

-French Fried
-Chicken Wings

Fruit & Salad

-Honey Dew
-Tropical Fruit

Soups. Rice & Noodle

-Wonton Soup
-Egg Drop Soup
-Hot & Sour Soup
-Vegetable Fried Rice
-Steamed White Rice
-Vegetable Lo Mein
-Vegetable Mei Fun( Rice Noodle)
-Fried Noodle

Japanese sushi

-Salmon Sushi
-Shrimp Sushi
-Crabmeat Sushi
-California Roll
-10 Kinds of Vegetable Sushi


-8 kinds of dessert from Canada
-Banana Pudding
-Chocolate Pudding
-Tropia Pudding